Investment Approach


Real Estate Investment

Trillium Investments is a trusted partner, providing investors with strong cash returns and risk-adjusted appreciation. We build individual partnership opportunities and invest in quality properties to create an investment structure that benefits our partners. And, our wide range of services allows us to control the ongoing operations from acquisition to final sale.


  • Asset Quality
  • Market Economic Drivers
  • Capital Appreciation
  • Strong Cash Flow Potentional
  • Desired Risk Profile
  • Portfolio Diversification
  • Exit Capabilities

Investment Model

At Trillium, we focus on “value add investment opportunities” where the management or the physical property can be improved. Our approach allows us to leverage a property from roughly 60% to 80% loans, with the other portion being investor equity. We act as the managing partner for the individual property, and we align our fees with the property’s performance. Our investors receive preferred cash returns and any appreciation from the sale of the property. This structure creates an incentive for us to maximize returns to our investors. We also offer the ability to invest in a Multifamily Opportunity Fund to qualified investors through our national real estate partner. This fund allows investors to diversify into a managed portfolio of various multifamily properties and provides capital preservation, cash distributions, and asset appreciation. Please contact us if you want additional information regarding our investment structure.

Multifamily Investment

As homeownership views continue to change, we know that people need to remain flexible to take advantage of job opportunities across the country. We find that apartment investments provide a better risk-return profile than other investment vehicles. We are committed to our properties and our investors. We focus on improving these multifamily homes through efficient management and physical improvements to create value in various market conditions.

Investor Network

Trillium works with a network of investors to acquire multifamily investments. Each property is qualified by Trillium Investments, and then we bring together partners to invest in these individual properties. Once the investor group is determined, a partnership is formed to hold and operate the property with Trillium as the managing partner.


Property Management

We know that maximizing value means taking care of our tenants, improving revenue streams, and minimizing unnecessary expenses. Trillium focuses on an ownership-driven perspective with all our property management decisions. We are committed to innovating the management processes to improve the overall operation and, ultimately, the property’s value.

Quality Management

People are at the heart of optimizing our property management. They are crucial to delivering the outstanding results our team strives for with each investment. Each property has an individual strategic operations plan that is monitored closely to ensure continuous improvement of the property’s performance. The on-site office staff maximizes rents, creates high-impact marketing campaigns, and develops cost-effective operating practices. We empower our maintenance and construction team to improve and care for our properties and identify ways to maintain the property more effectively.

Tenant Service And Response

One way that we minimize risk in our property is to attract and retain high-quality tenants. We treat our tenants as more than a monthly payment but as partners in our success. We do our best to ensure our tenants know that we care about their homes, and they are often our best advertising. We are always in touch with our tenants and respond to all requests promptly.

Construction Services

Trillium has reduced expenses by managing construction renovation in-house under Trillium Construction MSV. Our in-house team can control the construction work from design through completion of the project by working with qualified subcontractors and building teams based on our qualification process. We continually review the numbers to reduce expenses, wasted material, and energy. We work with our vendors to identify new relationships to achieve the best available pricing.